12 Instagram Handles you Need to Follow Now

With over 200 million active users, and double the amount of hash tags, it’s hard to find anything worthy of a regram amid thousands of bathroom #selfies and the half-eaten plates of food. Here is a list of 12 handles that will be a welcome change to your Instagram feed. From photographers, to food enthusiasts and wanderers in Delhi, follow these handles and watch your feed fill with magic.


This 19-year-old whips up the most amazing looking desserts and shares them with all his followers on instagram. Shivesh is a self-taught baker and a food blogger. Follow him on his sweet journey, guaranteed to make you drool. You can also be privy to his exclusive recipes, and try your hand at baking.

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From people, culture, food, Delhi’s critters to something as random as saplings popping out of the boot of a car, delhihai aims to capture the very essence of the city, one square at a time.

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No, it has nothing to do with tigers. The Delhi Instagramers Guild {DIG} is about getting the people of the city to interact. From featuring your images to conducting contests, organising Instameets and lots more social events, this is your go-to handle.

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What is Delhi without a splash of fashion? Catch bloggers Aliya and Aalok capture the best-dressed roaming the capital’s streets. No styling, no make-up artists, this is Delhi fashion in its rawest form.

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Get your dose of all the music happening here. The peeps behind the handle regularly share photos and even videos of gigs, albums, venues and everything you need to know, whether you’re the one on the stage or in the crowd, cheering.

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Coffee, cocktails, desserts, bacon – the sole aim of this Instagram account seems to be to give us multiple foodgasms. Follow to know where to get your fill of all the yumminess in the city.

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See Delhi and the rest of India through the lens of photographer Meenakshi Kimothi. You’ll find everything on this handle, be it street food, portraits, monuments, mugs of beer, beautifully plated food, blooming flowers or graffiti walls.

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True to its name, thepercipiencetheory has some images with great depth. See mundane happenings in a whole new light. From images of puris mid-fry, to portraits of people on the phone, it’s all about turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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If you want something heavier, Ravi Choudhary is your guy. An acclaimed photo journalist, he regularly populates his Instagram with pictures from his work and travels. He was recently featured by Instagram for his picture of Nepal post the quake. He goes places where most people don’t and captures it all on his cam.

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An author and photographer, Dayanita Singh’s Instagram is full of perfectly-clicked images. There is no common subject tying them together, but you’ll find this handle to be a window to art, cultural and fashion happenings in the city

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The LBD gets a desi twist and the sari gets a comtemporary twist. Little black Sari is a common platform for all those who share their love for the elegant outfit. You can buy, sell or simply browse through different styles of saris and draping.

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