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Move Over Netflix: Instapizza Now Offers Crustflix So You Can Livestream Your Pizza Being Made

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Since lockdown began, there's been a big pizza-shaped hole in our heart, guys. We've realised over time that we're never not craving pizza so we went looking for our favourite deep dish pizza in Delhi and that's when we came across Crustflix. Started by Instapizza who make the most epic Monster Deep Dish Pizza, Crustflix is their livestream so you can literally watch your pizza being made safely and see how regularly and deeply (heh) the kitchen is sanitised. 

    We obviously got the Monster Deep Dish Pizza that weighs close to 1kg and took 4 of us to finish. As soon as we ordered, we turned on Crustflix on their website and selected the specific outlet that we'd ordered from to watch our pizza being made and while the reason it was added was serious, it was a really fun and personal touch that it added to the food. When we realised our pizza was being made, we definitely cheered the chef on. We ordered the Destroyer Deep Dish with pork, chicken and extra cheese and give us a moment to drool over that pizza again. Okay, we're done drooling so we'll tell you this layered, deep dish pizza was so heavy and SO cheesy, we legit wolfed it down. We also got a regular Galleria Special vegetarian pizza with jalepenos, garlic and sundried tomatoes and while we liked this one, too, we definitely prefered the deep dish. We like how they don't get stingy with the toppings and really load the pizza up. They've also got sides like Garlic Bread and Mac & Cheese Poppers but we were too full to even think about them. 

    Price: INR 295 onwards for the Monster Deep Dish Pizza 

    What Could Be Better

    They used to have an option where you could choose to customise your Monster Deep Dish Pizza with as many toppings as you like which was cool so hope they'd bring that back. You can still customise the regular pizzas, though. 


    Don't fall into the trap of your sibling challenging you to eat the Monster Deep Dish all by yourself, you will not succeed and will end up losing money (speaking from personal experience.)

      Available Online