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Interactive Activities to Sensitise People on Autism Awareness Day

Kasturi posted on 31 March

What is It?

World Autism Awareness day is a day dedicated to understanding and celebrating individuals with autism, and therefore, ACE is celebrating this through an awareness infotainment at DLF Promenade on Apr 2.

You can expect music, autism simulation interactive activities, colourful T-shirts and a cool walk through the mall.

Who is It for?

Everyone! ACE is inviting all youngsters and oldies alike to come spread their heartfelt message.

Why Should I Go for It?

With the steady rise in the number of individuals with autism {one in 68 children}, it is important to generate awareness, acceptance, diagnosis and intervention. The event aims to mainly sensitise everyone about specially-abled kids, and how to interact with them in a fun and interactive way.

Show your support and educate yourself on Autism Awareness Day.

Anything Else?

The Autism Centre for Excellence  (ACE) is a not for profit scientifically-based programme designed for autistic children in the age group of three to 18 years of age. It is the only data collectible research-based programme in India which utilises a one on one student to teacher ratio to enhance the learning of students facing a variety of complex challenges related to autism.

When: Apr 2

Where: DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

Nearest Metro Station: Chhatarpur

Timings: 1pm - 3pm

Contact: +91 9818869790

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Featured image courtesy: ACE