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Hidden Gem: There's A Bakery In Gurgaon Selling Authentic Japanese Baked Goodies

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Iroha is tucked away in a market that’s famous for tailors, printers and golgappas but serves authentic Japanese baked goodies.

Choux Away That Hunger

This quaint little bakery is famous for their choux pastry and they make their eclairs with chocolate, fresh cream or a classic custard filling, twice a day! With a baking facility in the back, everything at Iroha is actually super fresh.

Get your fill of doughnuts and twists and don’t forget to try their Kare Pan {or Curry Pan –  a dough-based dish filled with curried chicken or vegetables}. They also have the ‘pan’ with a filling of peanut cream, in case you want to skip the savoury stuff.

Speaking Of Sweet

We loved the custard and coffee puddings but it’s the crepes that truly stood out. These come with a  variety of toppings like raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and chocolate banana and are perfect to munch on while you’re on-the-go.

Check out their cookie packs as well – as a tribute to their host country, they have a mango-flavoured cookie that’s shaped like an autorickshaw. They also stock artisan teas and have made a special chai cookie to go with these.

So, We're Saying...

Even though the baguette at Iroha is as French as it gets, make an exception and pick up a couple of loaves as well. Otherwise, stick to the Japanese cakes and bakes – they’re stellar!