In Defense of West Delhi

Kasturi posted on 16 February

We’ve had a sneaky suspicion for a while—especially way back when Pind Baluchi, Yo! China, Bercos and Sagar Ratna started making their way towards West Delhi. But we were completely taken aback {and also very pleasantly surprised} when Spaghetti Kitchen, Boombox Cafe Reloaded, and Naturals made their way there too.

Our suspicions have been confirmed: West Delhi is the new South Delhi {or was it always better?}.

First and foremost, it must be said: West Delhi is food paradise. From expensive eateries to roadside thelas {Paramjit Macchiwala, anyone? Chicken Changezi? Anything in Karol Bagh?}, whether vegetarian or ‘chikun’ lovers, no one goes home disappointed. I mean really, have you eaten the butter chicken and Chicken Khurchan at Mughal Dhaba?

While we agree that Honey Singh and geddis {car rides that have no purpose, and usually involve an amplifayah} aren’t the best chain reactions that West Delhi has produced, these chain eateries are: Carls Jr, Yo! China, Barbeque Nation and Subway are already here to do good by you.

Naturals ice cream and Whipped both have outlets here for that bucket of Tender {loving care} Coconut or Jake. And, your late night cravings are now going to be satiated by Captain Grub‘s gelato and fro yo. We recommend that you make your way to California Boulevard or Punjab Grill for a fancy-schmancy dinner. We promise they don’t play any Badshah, and you can have a conversation without them turning up the woofers.

Since South Delhi’s “the village” is constantly swarming with hipster indie shoppers and drunken pub-hoppers, we’ve decided to get West Delhi on our radar. Especially when the likes of Dunkin Donuts, Sura Vie and Wok In The Clouds can be found on Club Road, along with Chaayos and Starbucks.

West Delhi is also any budget foodie’s delight with umpteen soya chaap stalls, momo spots and bhel puri–wallahs. Wrapss and Karim’s are there to save the day too, with their yummy kathis and fluffy wraps. Oh, and don’t forget about the awesome rollsbehind the Karol Bagh metro station.

If we’re talking budget, how can we forget the shopping? The bridal stores here will woo you much better then your better half can. From stellar copies of designer wear to intricate embroidery, this is the hub of all Great Indian Punjabi Weddings.

And if you’re looking for the casual chic, there’s always… the mall.

If you’re giving Jwalaheri a miss, we can promise you a world of wonders that is Pacific Mall. The Forever 21 store here is huge and almost always deserted, which means the latest collection is probably available in all sizes and colours, and you don’t even have to fend off fellow shoppers.

Same goes for Zara {this is probably the better bet when it comes to sale time, shhh}.

West Delhi had it first

You’ll be plenty surprised to learn that us South Delhi plebes were second choice for a lot of cool outlets. For example? Well, NaivedyamThe Backyard and Lights, Camera, Action were all in West Delhi first, before they came over to the Other Side.

And opening soon in P-Bags {yes, we shortened it} are a bunch of heavyweights like Nandos, The Vault and Gourmet Hub the Food Mall.

In all earnestness, West Delhi has some of the best food, the best places to shop and is a steal all by its own self {needing no South Delhi affirmation}. And we can safely say so because we keep going back for Uncle and Taal’s sandwichesLittle Chefs’ fabulous rolls and Chug It’s cocktails.

Bottoms Up has us hooked on their fusion food, while the Bikram Yoga Studio keeps us fit. They have the best chaat in town as well as yummy, delicious kebabs. We’re also currently keeping the 24-hour cafe a secret {but of course, we’ll tell all soon!}.

There’s a lot to be said about West Delhi upping their game, and we’re only getting started. Are you listening Delhi?