By Rashi Wadhera

You know something’s super new and underground if even Zomato didn’t score a menu yet. Since we spend so much time in SPJ, our very own village, we’re lucky to stumble upon new and exciting nooks and crannies. While obsessing over the leather collection at Rara Avis, we ran into Mykonos, a blue and white cafe or restaurant¬†{you can pick what you’d like to call it, once you see it} across the street, claiming to serve authentic Greek food.

On further investigation, turns out, it’s not a baseless claim. Run by a greek lady and all her Opa-ness, Mykonos may not sound creative in its naming, or for its colour combo for that matter, but the food is definitely worth savouring. With white and blue interiors{Santorini could be their inspiration}, greek music in the background, and cobbled flooring, it comes close to setting the mood for owner Anastasia’s hand picked recipes, featuring Greek Tzaziki, Saganaki and Souvlaki. If you’re a huge Baklava fan, they serve the authentic Greek version, and although close in flavours, it’s not the same as its more popular Turkish cousin. Expect lots of feta, cream, a range of dips, and skewer cum BBQ’ed food. If you’re familiar with Turkish food, Greek cuisine is a not so distant relative in terms of flavours, staple dishes and seasoning. They opened their doors on the 22nd of last month, so they’re still getting their hands dirty. Expect a relaxed, laid back environment, where the owner gets personally involved, cause frankly, it was all Greek to us. Definitely a charming experience.

Where: 253, Shahpurjat 1F

Contact: +91 9560307081, or follow them on Facebook here.