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An Ittar Woman In Town Is Blending French Notes Taken From Versace, Elie Saab & More


    Fragrances By Ambrin is an ittar brand that’s mixing things up. Rahat Khan, the chief perfumer, does a bit of procuring and a bit of blending to create novel fragrances that go beyond the usual rose and mogra. We specially loved the concoctions that replicated notes from Versace, Flora By Gucci, Dior’s Posion Girl and more – so refreshing and so sensual. 

    Scents And Sensibility

    This beautiful ittar brand has been elusive but our stalker skills are pro. So, when we failed to find Rahat at the exhibition where she was supposed to be participating, we found the mystery woman on Facebook and made the drive right to her house to see what she was up to. Here’s what we found. She stocks about 60 odd fragrances and the sweet-smelling range is a mix of the typical ittars like rose and jasmine along with some experimental ones. They are all alcohol-free and make a great substitute for perfumes in case you’re also in search for something long-lasting. Safe for all ages, we’re told her ittars with French notes {reminiscent of Elie Saab, Versace, Gucci and Dior} find the most takers. When prodded, Rahat lets us in on her trade secret: “I could easily do a CK but then, that’d also be any ittar person in Nizamuddin. My forte is unusual fragrances… I have one that resembles the bark of a tree and another one that’ll instantly remind you of a dargah,” she says.

    Rahat Nose Best

    From subtle, lingering ones to heavy Arabic ones, the brand celebrates individual choices by having a healthy mix of both. Some blends she’s handcrafted have been named by her and are ones you won’t find anywhere else in the market. They go by names such as Bloom, Red, Pulse, Mijaaz and co. Our personal favourite is Pulse with its chocolatey, vanilla-y undertones.  Another spectacular aspect of this small venture is that Rahat employs women from the neighbouring village to stitch, embroider, pour and package fragrances for her. This means that she’s also open to customising if you’d like yours to come in an earthy pouch with a small bird motif on the side or with your initials embroidered or anything at all. Now we’re guessing you’re wondering how to find her, right? Well, you can contact her on Facebook and she’s open to couriering you samples for a mere courier charge of INR 50. Or, you can get her to add you on the WhatsApp group where she regularly keeps her loyalists in the know about the next exhibition where she’s likely to be found.

    So, We're Saying...

    What Rahat does is pretty novel and she’s one of the few people who’s a good judge of what you’d like to wear even if you give her little direction about your general aroma preferences. You can buy her ittars in three, six and 12ml bottles but we also know people who’ve bottled up 100ml of their favourite ittar just to avoid repeat trips. Oh, and if you’re into Diwali gifts, these ittar sampler packs might just be a great idea when customised to your liking. Right?