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Jaipur Rugs

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What Makes It Awesome

Jaipur Rugs is a family business in Sultanpur that specialises in making rugs. They ensure not just the best design and quality, but a wholesome work environment for artisans.

A social enterprise that began with just nine artisans, Jaipur Rugs is now 44 years old, with over 40,000 artisans (from 600 villages across India) who’ve been trained from scratch. They’ve made the process very simple for these artisans too—the raw material required is dropped off at their houses, after which the artisans work at their convenience and schedule, and the final product is picked up from their doorsteps.

The Jaipur Rugs store is a 3,000-square feet space in Gurgaon, but is far from just another fancy showroom selling rugs; they’ve got artisans here to show walk-in customers what goes into weaving these beautiful rugs. That way you can learn just what goes into making each hand-knotted carpet and if you wish, you can even try your hand at the age-old craft of rug weaving from the expert artisans here.

Coming to the rugs and carpets available here, you can take your pick from among their various styles—Classic, Flat Weaves, Modern, Overdyed, Solids, and Transitional. Their collection is extensive and lovely, so you’ll need plenty of time and a decisive friend to help you make a choice.

The Flat Weave collection is especially great if you want to update your house to give it a bright, minimal look. They even have collections by designers such as Jenny Jones, Jennifer Adams, and Luli Sanchez (keep in mind these will be quite expensive).

Our favourites however, were from the Artisans Original Collection, which featured original (and gorgeous) designs from the artisans themselves.

Price: INR 2,400 – INR 9.3 lakh


They also sell online so, make sure to check their website.

Jaipur Rugs

Available Online