Jamun & Lychee Honey? Pick Yourself A Jar By Societe Naturelle


Simply put, Societe Naturelle brings honey to the {healthy} table. But the fact that they serve seven different kinds of organic honey is where it gets interesting.

Make It Raw

If choosing from a range of honey is a concept you can’t wrap your head around, go straight for the Raw Honey. It’s in its purest form, so it’s unheated, unpasteurised, and unprocessed, which keeps all the essential nutrients intact—great for consumption as well as application. Hello, homemade face packs and hair masks.

While the name might suggest that these are bottles of flavoured honey, each variety of honey actually indicates the flower the nectar has been extracted from. So Lychee Honey comes from the nectar of lychee trees, Eucalyptus Honey from eucalyptus trees, Jamun Honey from…you get the drift.

Sweet & Sticky

We’re giving you a bit of honey 101, so pay attention: If you want honey for its medicinal properties, it doesn’t get better than Raw Honey. Got kids in the house? Lychee Honey is usually quite a hit for its creamy, rich taste. Forest Honey’s a great aid in weight loss if had with warm water {also for cough and cold}. Same goes for Jamun Honey. Just want some yummy honey to smear on your French toast and pancakes? Keep a jar of sunshine-coloured Acacia Honey {which we hear tastes like vanilla} on your dining table.

PS: In case you can’t choose just one, pick up their assorted honey pack, which consists of four different 30 gm bottles of honey.