Checked Out Japanese Confectionery At Yoku Moku's First Delhi Outlet Yet?

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There’s something comforting and sweet about Japanese everything. We lost our collective minds when MUJI opened and now, we’re super stoked about 70’s Japanese cookie experts, Yoku Moku opening at Chanakya. One look at their confectionery stuff and you know that a lot of magic can be whipped even with the most basic sugar-flour-eggs. The comforting smell of cookies coupled with the sight of their well-loved Cigare cookies is the closest you can get to a hug for your soul.

So what exactly can you expect at Delhi’s own Yoku Moku? Well, coffee, tea, Double Chocolat au lait cookies, everyone’s favourite Cigare au chocolat and more of the sweet, chocolatey, buttery stuff.

BRB, we’re leaving for a chocolate frappe and cookie break.