Mussoorie Diaries: Pick Jaypee Residency Manor For The Best View


    Nestled among the pine trees and sprawling mountains of Mussoorie lies Jaypee Residency Manor; a property that claims to have the best view in the vicinity. We paid them a visit to put that and their other claims to the test.

    On A Break

    Having just spent what seemed like a major part of our journey in the sweltering hot plains {what happened to September?}, we were doubtful about how pleasant the weather would be there. Luckily, as we found out as soon as we took the Jaypee shuttle from the Dehradun Station, the weather was getting as better as the scenery with every swerving turn up a hillside, putting our uncertainties to a firm rest.

    A Misty-rious View

    With our first step on their terrace, we already had no reason to doubt any claims about the view here. Jaypee Residency Manor sits atop a ridiculously advantageous vantage point, providing you with a full 360-degree view that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere in the region.

    We were lucky to have visited at the right time, too, as the monsoons were in full swing and gave the whole place a very dreamy feeling.

    Lowdown On The Property

    The property was, quite honestly, humungous, with a wide variety of views available to you depending on where you were standing {being located at almost 7,000 feet helped}.

    Apart from the terrace areas where we’d highly recommend you waste hours doing nothing, there’s a lot for you to do inside the premises, like their restaurants Regency and Cafe Manor, the Tamaya spa, The Old Baker {for those midnight cravings}, indoor heated swimming pool, and the game room {‘grown-ups’ can head straight to the billiards room}.

    If we had to pick something to be the highlight of the trip, we’d probably go with the hospitality. We found the servers and everyone on the hotel staff to be quite polite and helpful, and not just in a ‘that’s their job’ kind of way.

    Nearby Attractions

    While the hotel excels at providing things to do inside the premises, the adventurous have a bunch of places they can visit outside {they’d be happy enough to provide you with a shuttle to make getting out and exploring easier}.

    Trek to Landour, drive to the beautiful Bhatta Falls for a spot of serenity or just make your way to Mussorie town for some old-fashioned shopping.

    So We’re Saying

    The next time you’re making your way to Mussorie to escape the hustle bustle of Delhi and want a hotel with the best view and hospitality, we’d highly recommend going for this one.