By Maitreyi Nandhakumar

Our ‘eat-to-live’ philosophy was tested this month with not one or two, but four new places to try; American burgers and shakes, Greek dips, and Swiss ice cream, all under the same roof at Select City Walk, and a gorgeous art cafe, situated a little further down. For the mobile, the fast food junky, and the chilled out, here’s what’s new in town.


Johnny Rockets, the famous American diner known for its burgers in the U.S, opened its doors in Delhi last month. Jostling for space between shops, the diner, with chequered black and white floors and faux leather seat chairs and booths, failed to impress. The burgers were nothing to write home about, and had us ‘ham’mering for the meat. To order a Philadelphia steak and have chicken placed before us was a huge let down. On the flip side, the milkshakes saved the trip – huge servings, made with just the right amount of sweetness. Brownie points to the staff for service; they made sure we left smiling.

Where | Second Floor, Select City Walk, Saket

Price | INR 1,300 {for two, exclusive of taxes}


MovenPick, the premier Swiss ice cream brand, is in Delhi, and had us {s}creaming for more. Located opposite Gifts of Love on the second floor of Select, the kiosk showcases rich looking flavours, in colours that’ll make any passerby stop to sample them. Happily camped in front of the kiosk, of all the flavours we tried, the Swiss Chocolate, Espresso Croquant, Stracciatella {21 love anyone?} and Tiramisu stood out the most. Also on display was a range of tangy sorbets in flavors like Raspberry and Lemon, and god knows we took our sweet time getting better acquainted with them! No points for guessing where you should be getting ice cream this summer.

Where | Second Floor, Select City Walk, Saket

Price | INR 175-200 for a scoop.


Set up diagonally opposite Krispy Kreme in Select City Walk, Pita Pit comes all the way from Canada. Set to give the Subway culture a new spin, the unassuming Pita bread {wholewheat being an option} is smeared with hummus/tzatziki/baba ganoush, and stuffed with an assortment of veggies and toppings. The final touch – a vegetarian/meat pattie of your choice. Healthy {reasonably} or indulgent, this is your pit stop for a filling meal, at great prices, on the go.

Where | First Floor, Select City Walk, Saket

Price | INR 270 for the non veg Pita {INR 170 for petite} and INR 220 for the veg Pita {INR 120 for petite}


Previously in HKV, we would have missed this one had it not caught our eye on our drive through Adhchini. Huddled between shops, this café turned out to be nice stopover. Doubling up as an art gallery, the leaf embossed window grills and neat interiors made us forget, momentarily, the noise from the road outside. We ordered Nachos, which didn’t do much for us, and a Coffee Chocolate Shake, which we devoured. The portions were good, as were the prices. With free wi-fi and a cozy home style terrace with seating, we can imagine ourselves plonked here for hours on our next visit.

Where | Building No. 10, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Adhchini

Price | INR 1,000 for two