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This Fitness Studio has become the Warrior's Den of South Delhi and We'll Tell You Why!


    ‘I will gym from tomorrow, pakka promise!’ How many of us are guilty of this statement? We definitely are! With winter approaching, our dedication to sleeping increases while our motivation to go to the gym decreases. But hey! Boxx Era Fitness Studio is, in their own words, ‘an unconventional workout space’ that believes good health is the result of everything: sound mind, healthy diet and a happy environment! You can find in Boxx Era that place where ahletes, children, adults, women, bodybuilders and normal people come together, envision their goals and get nothing but the best results.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Boxx Era is the FIRST training centre in India formed by a team of female coaches, founded by women and managed by women (Beyonce’s ‘Who Run The World’ plays in the background), so imagine a full group of females who are also active pro boxers spreading the boxing culture through innovative, professional classes, forming young athletes and leading big, strong bodybuilders to perform better by practicing smart training. Obviously, these coaches certainly will not make you do something they cannot do themselves so we encourage you to try them!

    Following their mottos of honesty and transparency, Boxx Era Studio is specialised in conducting tailored body transformation programmes based on your physical capacity, medical history and fitness goals, something that they call "Transformation Clinic". They give extra care and attention to each and everyone and provide a complete guidance keeping in mind factors like fitness, wellness, nutrition and mental strength. Do you want to lose weight? Is your health changing for the worse? You name it, they have an adaptive programme for each and everything.

    Boxx Era ensures that no matter the age or body type, there is a will and way for everyone! The fitness programmes for children are extremely safe and revolve around Boxing as the best discipline to learn about consistency, commitment, agility and it's fun all at once. 

    Good Vibes Only!

    Most of us feel shy going to gyms as we’re extremely self conscious about our bodies. That’s why we either go late nights or early mornings (when we do manage to go that is!). Thinking of this, Boxx Era has come up with a "Good vibes only" policy that encourages every member to avoid behaviours like judgement or criticism, promoting as well a great environment loaded with positivity and hope. Also they have created the Dark Room Trainings, method implemented for the first time in India! This is a workout modality used to connect body and mind before, during or after training while being in the dark. It removes all the elements of comparison or competition, helping you perform better.

    Pro Tip

    The Head Coach of Boxx Era Fitness Studio is Jeeth Sanghavi, responsible for Priyanka Chopra's FIT body in Mary Kom, Give us a second while we imagine our bodies like PC in Mary Kom!
    Coach Jeeth has not only practical skills but also has been around the world finding out the latest innovations and researches about the fitness, sports and nutrition industry. She has Bachelors & Masters Degree in Health & Fitness, is an Exercise physiologist, Sports Medicine and Advanced Nutrition expert highly certified AND a celebrity trainer. Coming directly from the city of Bollywood, she has been Sports Choreographer, Boxing Coach, Body Transformation Specialist and has designed athletic trainings for celebrities including Priyanka Chopra.

    We definitely don’t need more reasons to hit up this Studio for our body transformation!