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Konkani, Gujarati Or Punjabi, Enjoy A Regional Meal With The Home Chef Who Made It

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Authenticook is trying to integrate one of the most important travel experiences – eating local food – into everyday life. Connecting foodies to talented home chefs within a city, this platform makes the ordinary act of sitting down for a meal exciting.

A Slice Of Life

Chefs in the city {Authenticook has a network of culinary whizzes both in Delhi and Gurgaon, in addition to 9 other cities} open their homes to diners, curate and prepare a regional meal for their guests, while telling them all there is to know about local cuisine.

It’s pretty simple, the way this works. Sign up as a diner and then choose a meal in your city, depending on what you’d like to experiment with. Each meal accommodates a fixed number of people, so you’d be wise to book your place when you see something you like.

What's On The Menu

Gujarati Jamanwar, Bengali Mahabhoj, Punjab Chronicles and Maharashtrian Jevan, to begin with. For about INR 1,000, your plate will be piled high with thoughtfully, carefully prepared delicacies and you’ll walk away from these homes all the richer {and fuller} for your meal.

So, We're Saying...

Ghar ka khaana is always special, but Authenticook takes it one step further. See what’s cookin’ {good-lookin’} in Delhi here and in Gurgaon here.