Ten-Second Takeaway

Imagine everything great about the circus- the show, the colours, the excitement- now take all of that and put it on a platter—that’s Circus, South Ex’s newest restaurant, for you.

Chow Down

Mutton Ghee Roast, Sizzling T’loin

Sip On

Joker No.7, Masala Gang {Ramladdu}

Winning For

Quick service, amazing concoctions, and well-done meats. While many restaurants are trying to bring in the street-style flavour and cooking to the menu, Circus nails it with its interesting play of flavours and spice mixes.

Be Part Of The Show

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

Mostly wood-based, the ambience wins brownie points for being spacious. A huge wall painted circus poster style, circular rings lighting the area, and a well-stocked colourful bar brings out the theme pretty well. Music also plays an important part in maintaining the overall feel, with a mix of pop songs that span different decades.

So Many Tricks Up Their Sleeve

The mixologist is the real ringmaster here! We were served the Joker No. 7, which is a cool blend of fresh mint, mandarin, angostura bitters and a shot of Jack Daniels; the drink was not only refreshing and unique, but also incredibly potent. The Masala Gang, another unique concept which brings together savoury street flavours and blends them with a shot of vodka, took us down memory lane {we tried the Ram Laddu variant}.

We started our food with tangy-sweet appetisers such as Palak Patta Chaat, Chicken Tikka Chaat and Ande Ka Funda, which can be compared to bite-sized versions of the Puchka, Bombay Bhel and Bhajjia Fry, with a Circus twist to them. The Classic Vada Pav and the Andhra Mutton Pav were also delicious.

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

Next up, came two dishes from their Dhaba Chinese section- the crispy fried lotus stem flavoured with honey chilli glaze and the Sizzlin T’loin with a bird’s eye chilli kick. Both dishes, though not as unique as the others, were well cooked.

To end the parade, we tried the mutton ghee roast with Malabar paratha, which is slow cooked for two-three hours, making it succulent and delicious. The Burmese chicken with rice from the Chinjabi section is exactly what will appeal to the Delhi tastebuds; prepared with coconut cream and milk with turmeric seasoning and brown onions, the chicken was soft and was exactly the meal-in-a-bowl that you need after your daily grind.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you live for food and have a thing for well-mixed cocktails, this is the next place you should try. The quick and responsive staff serves you with a smile and is always helpful with food pairing and recommendations. The portions are balanced and are definitely worth the price.

Where: D-14, Third Floor, South Extension II

Nearest Metro Station: AIIMS

Contact: +91 9899407151

Price: INR  2,000 for two

Timings: 12pm – 1am

Featured image courtesy: Zomato