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Love Junk Jewellery? Get Yourself These Larger-Than-Life Chokers, Earrings & More

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    Inspired by a family’s travels across India, Kala Chowk is an attempt at celebrating our rich cultural heritage through chosen jewellery pieces and home decor. Chunky necklaces, statement rings with mirrors, oxidised nose studs, pretty chandbaalis… The collection here has just enough options to hold your interest without making you feel lost.

    Lend Us Your Earrings

    Prefer to stand out instead of blending in? These folks believe in a whole lot of fusion, often resulting in big Afghani necklaces with coins, jhumkis and embroidered fabrics. This necklace, for instance, is a version of the well-loved rani haar the royalty of Afghanistan once swore by. If we were asked to, we’d pick this tribal stunner for all the times we wanted to go all out costume-y and this colourful one to beat the quintessential Monday blues.

    Not someone who likes to scream from the rooftops? Don’t lose heart. You can lie low on an everyday basis but when you need to be the centrepiece {at a wedding, maybe}, you can find safe jhumkis and classic chaandbalis to match your OOTD.

    The dull, antique finish of all their jewellery trinkets is a winner. The curation of nose pins is thoughtful, for it doesn’t try anything outrageous. And, to complete the ethnic look, you can get one of these gorgeous clutches

    Our only grouse with Kala Chowk is that the prices aren’t exactly very tempting {the necklaces start at INR 700} but the jewellery can be home delivered for when we can’t make a trip to Janpath, and that’s a saving grace, right?

    So, We're Saying...

    They are in the process of building up their home decor range so, for now, you’ll have to stick to testing the waters with their jewellery.

      Available Online