Soak Up Some Winter Sun At The Junkyard Café

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A sprawling terrace meets a sprawling menu; The Junkyard Café in CP promises long and sunny afternoons filled with hearty food and drink.

Everything Your Heart Desires

Taking multi-cuisine to a whole new level, this place serves everything from chunky burgers to eclectic small plates, Indian mains and everything in between. There is also an intriguing healthy section that stars soups, salads and continental mains, complete with calorie count and nutritional information.

The health aspect aside, we absolutely loved the Prawn, Fennel and Rocket Risotto from this category – it was creamy and comforting and had just that little hint of garlic and herb to keep us going. The best part- it was packed to the rafters with plump prawns!

A special shout-out for the very unusual Banshu & Singhare Ki Tikki, that transformed the classic desi cutlet to gourmet goodness with the crunch of chopped water chestnuts and that lingering pungency of bamboo shoots. Total love!

Washing It All Down

The Junkyard Café is a great place to catch a drink, but we decided to pair our gluttony with some liquid redemption – and sampled the Citrus Mart: Orange, lime and pomegranate with a splash of ginger which was perfectly citrusy and nearly as sunny as the warm terrace.

What Didn’t Impress Us Much

The Vegetarian Burger was a bit of a let-down- the patty too crispy to taste anything, and the fries a little under-seasoned for us.

So, We’re Saying…

Drop by with a large gang for comfort style chow, and a dose of some much-needed sunshine.

Photos: Bikram Bindra