Surfer Slides, Tarzan Ziplines & More: Have A Fun Family Day At This Water Park


    What Makes It Awesome

    For when it's water park weather in Delhi, and when you’re looking for a fun family day, Just Chill on the main GT Karnal Road is a great option. They’ve got a variety of water rides for adults, amusement rides and obstacle course for kids and activities like pottery and matka painting too. While we admit that Just Chill is not the best place for a full-fledged grown-up water park day, it makes for a good family chilling spot.

    One of our favourite things about this water park would have to be its varied water rides. From zig-zag water tubes and slides that take you through massive bowls and tunnels, to the more relaxed surfer slides and wave pools, they’ve got numerous options for both the adventurous and the safe.

    Little ones will love the mini aqua slides, while daring water babies can slide down the Godzilla ride with 180 and 90 turners into the giant pool. They’ve got more water rides too, like the Black Thrill, the Dark Hole and Child Godzilla all having varying heights, tunnels and intensity of drops ensuring that your time here’s all the more exciting. The easily bored can also check out Just Chill’s amusement rides like Columbus and Swing Chair. While these rides won’t be as exciting for adults as they will be for kids, the grown-ups can always give pottery a shot (you know, it can be super therapeutic!). Jumping on the trampoline, chilling by the pool or casually floating in it are some other options.

    As much as we’d love to escape to the hills every weekend to beat the summer heat, it’s really not the most practical option. For a fun family-bonding time close to the city, Just Chill seems like a good bet. Also, all their pool and water rides are supervised by trained life guards and medical attendants, so rest assured–a good time will be had by all.

    Tickets: Starting at INR 500 (adults) and INR 400 (kids between 2.9ft to 4.6ft).

    What Could Be Better

    They don't have a lot of rides that would interest adults, so be prepared for that if you drop by.