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Kaffeine For Your Fix Of Live Hindi Music & Momo

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Situated right at the end of HKV {a floor below where Yeti used to be} is Kaffeine, a tiny little bar which almost always has a live band performing, and boasts of a gorgeous view of the Hauz Khas ruins.

Tune In

Nine out of 10 times we’ve passed Kaffeine, we’ve heard the sound of very loud live music {even during the day} traversing down the stairs. The cafe is one of the few places promoting live Hindi music. Expect a mix of popular Bollywood tracks, but not the kind you’re used to dancing to at shaadis and clubs.They’re keeping it relatively sober with slow numbers – think along the lines of Arijit Singh. However, they are a tad loud for our taste; if you’re looking to actually have a meaningful conversation with your companion, this isn’t the best place for you. If you’re all about the music, cocktails and avoiding small talk, read on.

Margarita With A Straw?

A look-see through the cocktail menu had us pretty excited. Choose from cocktails such as the Tamarind and Dhaniya Martini, Laal Anaar Martini, Pineapple Margarita, Coconut Margarita and even a Beer Margarita. However, what we were happiest about was the Bira on tap.

Their bar menu is very extensive, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to your liking, regardless of your choice of poison. They’ve even got single malts, Champagne, Absinthe and some interesting shots.

Surprisingly, the one place we found Kaffeine lacking, was caffeine. They’ve only got the basic cappuccino, latte and cold coffee.

Light Bites

Kaffeine has a full-fledged food menu {with lots of typos} with options such as pasta, pizza and some limited grills, but if we were you, we’d stick to the small plates. Order some pita and hummus, chicken tikka, chilli paneer or bruschetta to munch on with your drink.

Our personal favourite here are the momo. Served with three dips, an uber spicy red chilli one, a mild garlic chilli and a cheesy pepper dip, we can lap up plates of it.

So, We’re Saying…

If you enjoy Hindi music and want to indulge in a few drinks, Kaffeine’s worth a visit. They also have a small balcony overlooking the Hauz Khas ruins.

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