Neat, On The Rocks, Or With Water: We Want Kamet In Our Glasses Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

When someone says Kamet aloud the next time, your mind won't just think about the third highest peak of the country, it will transport you to the goodness of the single malt whiskey with the same name. Kamet, the new Indian whiskey on the liquor block, is here to sort your malts-and-meals weekends. 

After releasing the world’s first gin containing cashew and a Darjeeling Gin --- both under the brand ‘Jin Jiji’ --- Peak Spirits, co-founded by Ansh Khanna, has launched their first-ever whiskey. Kamet does have a mountain-connection; it's sourced from the foothills of Himalayas and distilled near Kurukshetra in Haryana. While we have always waited for Gins to forray into the Indian market, Kamet is now available in Goa. (Well, another reason to visit Goa!) 

If you're wondering about the make of it, we assure you're in good hands. Indian-made copper pot stills blended with the skills of two legendary master blenders - Surrinder Kumar, the father of Indian Single Malt, who has worked at Amrut Distilleries for over three decades and Nancy Fraley - Director of Education of the American Distilling Institute, also a whiskey and rum blender based in California. Made using the famous six row barley and by a team passionate about their casks, they use a combination of ex-Bourbon American Oak, ex-Wine French Oak and historic ex-Sherry casks to give this single malt a vinous touch.

Coming to the flavour, it's everything your senses of taste and smell will love. Because of the casks, Kamet has a fruity aroma profile with oaky spice forward notes, complemented with vanilla and caramel. The first sip has a hint of oak, vanilla and dried fruit notes soon invade and then a chocolatey after-taste on the palate. It's so smooth that you'll reach out for the next one before you know it.

There's a special introductory price of INR 2699 for the first few months on Kamet and it'll be INR 2,999 thereafter.


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