Kanchan Has Patches To Transform Kurtas, Jeans, Blouses Or Anything

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Kanchan sits somewhere in the middle of that Gujarati lane at Janpath and has been there for 18 years now. Every time we want to give our ripped jeans a sassy makeover or want to get an arty farty blouse, we go to her for ethnic patches that come in every shape, colour and size possible.

Run For Kutch

If your creative side wakes up every now and then {in the middle of an overall lazy existence}, you’ll love the pile of embroidered patches she stocks up. You can spend a great deal of time sifting through these embroidered, mirrored, shell-wearing pieces and still feel like you aren’t buying as many as you ought to; trust us, the choice is super difficult . Depending on the size and detailing, they can cost anything between INR 250 to 1,000.

Life Across Borders

This place makes us want to attempt DIY with these saree borders. Kanchan is smiley and open to negotiation on the price front. While we can tell you that haggling here won’t be as hardcore {read rewarding} as Sarojini Nagar, she’ll still get the price down a bit if you ask.

So, We’re Saying…

The most obvious use for these patches is on solid kurtas, blouses or even dresses, but we’d like to see them on shirt pockets, denim jackets or stitched together into a crazy crop top. If you have better ideas, hit up Kanchan between 11am and 7pm every day {yes, no off days or work from homes}. If you’re lost, call her at +91 9871587584 for directions, and remember to let us know what you did with those patches.