If we had a rupee for every time a celebrity said that their go-to outfit was a white shirt paired with blue jeans, we’d be about 176 bucks richer and still rolling our eyes at the cliché. Don’t get us wrong—we love a crisp white shirt; but isn’t there something inherently plain-Jane about it? You can dress it up, sure, but on its own, the white shirt doesn’t excite us much. Enter Kanelle.


We were introduced to Kanelle’s limited edition capsule of white shirts that have undergone a very pleasant makeover. Made from cotton and malmal, these shirts have the prettiest detailing, with floral & leafy doodle-style prints, and very interesting {and in some cases asymmetrical} silhouettes that make these white shirts a far cry from their plain and ordinary counterpart. One tiny catch—the fabric of these shirts is slightly on the thicker side.

The folks at Kanelle sent some of their collection to the LBB headquarters to style in our own way. How do you think we did?

Price: INR 3,700 – INR 5,500

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB