Here’s to All Karaoke Fans! Plug into These Restros For A Rendezvous with Classic Melodies!


What Makes It Awesome

For those of you living under a rock, Pebble Street, NFC is emerging as ‘the’ new karaoke destination & we’re left swooning over the classic melodies! Mostly popular for sangrias & chill, Karaoke Nights are the new addition to their menu!

For buds who grow closer over bottles of buds, Karaoke is the perfect ingredient to make for a delish evening with friends! And just so you know, there’s this amazing singer by the name of Kumar Rajesh performing at this venue! We’ve heard he’s known for his Kishore Kumar-esque voice, so do give him a listen while you dig into your sangrias & deep dishes! From ‘Saamne Yeh Kaun Aya’ to ‘Jaane Jaa’ from Jawani Diwani, we can’t wait to get going!

So, if you’re a true Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu fan or a Karaoke Fanatic, don’t forget to strut the Pebble Street on Thursdays. For Noida enthusiasts, tune in to Uno Chicago on Sundays! We say do tune in as the ambience is totally adorbs!


Karaoke Nights are the new fad & the place gets congested super soon. So, if you’re planning on attending, make sure you book your spot or reach a bit earlier!