Plan A Surprise Trip For Your Parents & Grandparents With KareVoyage

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Kare Voyage

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What Makes It Awesome

What's cuter than planning a trip for all the oldies of the family? Not a lot things, and that's where KareVoyage  can help! 

KareVoyage is a company that organises and plans trips for people over the age of 50 years. They offer services such as door to door pick and drops, organise a meet and greet before the tour (so that people can warm up to one another before embarking on the trip), and also run a standard check to learn about the participant's health requirements and needs.

If you head to their website, you can find loads of tours lined up including ones scheduled for Bali, Eastern Europe, and Japan. The prices are clearly listed alongside the locations, and it can typically cost you anything between 1 to 2 lakhs. Other than long-distance trips, you can also get them to organize weekend outings, and they're all planned keeping the most minute details in mind (including travel, lodging, nature trips, and relaxing treks etc).

What Could Be Better

Nothing, really. The kind of service these folks provide are impeccable and the idea too, is unique, with little to no room for improvement.