Serene Views & Peaceful Vibes: Explore This Beautiful Destination In India

Jammu and Kashmir

What Did You Like?

There is something royal about Kashmir. You can feel it in the air, especially in Srinagar, its summer capital. And why not? If the Mughal emperors could make the long arduous journey centuries back to Srinagar for their pleasures, they must have had good reason to. In many ways, the state has lost a lot but fortunately, it still retains more than enough charm for the traveller. Srinagar lives around the Dal Lake. Much of the city’s attractions are dotted along its non-circular 26 km {16 miles} circumference; you should drive all the way around it. The entire population seems to be here in the evenings. Some wish to fish {wonder if it’s legal} while others take evening walks. We also went for a shikara ride that takes you to floating markets where you can shop till you sink, I mean drop. The salesmen on shikaras will float up to yours selling their wares like silver jewellery, paper mache gifts, fine pashmina shawls, dry fruits and more. Browse, negotiate, check the quality but buy something. This micro-economy can definitely do good with some patronage. And don’t miss out on visiting the daily fruits and vegetable market where traders come in shikaras to trade the produce at the crack of dawn. If you're able to know that it’s spring, you must be Srinagar. Specifically at the Tulip Garden, an uncharacteristically wonderful creation of the Government, that comes alive for only 2-3 weeks with endless rows of tulips of many different hues. The dates naturally change a bit every year – stay alert with your bags packed to head out as soon as you hear news of their blooming. Another stop in Kashmir is Pahalgam. If you have ever been to Pahalgam, the vivid imagery of driving the winding roads along the Lidder river with towering peaks in the background will always stay with you. And when these are accentuated with a light drizzle, dusky skies and misty columns on mountain tops, happiness is the only sentiment you will feel. I was lucky to witness snowfall on the peaks, watch the meadows, admire the well-manicured gardens, trees as the Lidder river gurgles amidst all this beauty. You could also take a pony ride to the Tulian Lake or the meadows of Baisaran if you so desire. The Martanda {Sun} Temple near Matan on the way to Pahalgam is another of the many hidden wonders of Kashmir. I wonder why this temple is not as famous. The Sun Temple in Konark in Orissa is known to all, and this one deserves no less attention as it is extremely well-maintained by the ASI. I wish I was daring enough to ski but that did not stop me from enviously watching others effortlessly coming down the slopes of Gulmarg, which is one of the most scenic places on the planet for the sport. Take the cable car all the way to the top for a breathtaking view that no one other place can offer. Read more about other destinations here: {}.

What Could Be Better?

The region keeps oscillating between calm and unrest due to political disturbances. It could be better if it finds peace soon.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 3,000+

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, and Kids

Jammu and Kashmir