Kasol Backpackers, This Hostel Is Clean & You’ll Never Lose Sight Of The Mountains


    The Hosteller in Kasol just got a massive makeover and it now stands in all its sunshine yellow glory, bang in the middle of the valley. There’s free wi-fi, a cafe, a balcony from where you can hear the Parvati gurgle, and all this starts at only INR 400 a night.

    Better Call Kasol

    This hostel captures the true vibe of Old Kasol, and is a literal 3-minute distance from the main city. It’s on a secluded peak and looks like a boho dream. Plus, unlike a lot of its neighbours, this one loves backpackers.

    If you’re cash-strapped, bunk in the dorm and chill with fellow brokies in the common room all day. On good, generous days, maybe the delux room with a pretty view and big, comfy bed will fall in your budget {it costs about INR 1,799}. And, the final indulgence, the delux room with a balcony is perfect if you’re going with fam or a bunch of buds who’ll split the tariff, and leave you feeling less poor.

    More options? You can skip the comfort of a hostel to spend your night under the stars. These good peeps also have cosy camps to set you up in the backyard. You can wake up and soak in the mountains, spend the afternoon rummaging through their in-house library, join them for a meandering jungle walk and then, show off your {non-existent?} skills on the guitar at an impromptu jam night. By the way, their coffee is absolutely divine.

    Confused about whether that hike will be too much for your small stamina? Wondering where you can find the best momos in the area? Just ask the staff or the friendly reception folks for advice and you’ll see Kasol from the eyes of an insider.

    So, We're Saying...

    Keen on making a Kasol-Tosh-Kheerganga trek with The Hosteller guys? Read more here and trust us – they know all the places nearby for a picnic and pit stops for Israeli and Himachali food. This ensures that the itinerary is packed with scenic spots and memorable moments.

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