If you’re one of the lucky ones to have grown up with the surreal world of magical lands, jam and scones, and copious amounts of shortbread {yes, we’re talking Enid Blyton}, you know how reading plays a pretty prominent role in upping happiness levels and making you a generally more aware being.

Katha is an NGO that not only realises this, but actively uses reading as a tool to spread education to different parts of India. Founded and run by editor, writer, and educationist Geeta Dharmarajan, Katha’s objective is to hone India’s children into becoming the ‘reader leaders’ of tomorrow. They target children across socio-economic barriers and have so far brought schooling to lakhs of children across Arunachal Pradesh, NCT Delhi, Haryana and Maharashtra, trained a significant section in IT, trained women in income generation, and spread the joy of reading throughout the country.

They’re also avid publishers of children’s books. Their books comprise beautiful illustrations and simple stories for children of 2 years of age and above, often contextualised around Indian culture {think cutesy little children with plump pink cheeks lighting diyas as they learn about Diwali}. Available in both Hindi and English, the books are a great way to help your kid attain fluency in both languages, from a young age.

Though we’d be just as happy reading their ‘kids fiction,’ Katha also has a small section for adults, comprising a bunch of short stories, novellas, poetry and screenplay by a variety of Indian authors, most of which you’re not likely to find in mainstream book stores.

In addition to all their educative and literary missions, they frequently organise storytelling sessions in the city for children of all ages. We suggest you stay tuned if you want in on the fun.

Where: A3, Sarvodaya Enclave, Sri Aurobindo Marg

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Contact:  Call 011-41416600 or email info@katha.org

For more details, visit their website here or follow their Facebook page here.