Keeping it Cool With Your Date, When it's 45° Outside

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The weather outside is frightful, but the air conditioner is so delightful, and since you have so many places to go, here is where you should go you should go you should go. {Thanks Dean Martin, sorry for the piracy.} But seriously, it must be hard being a couple, that’s usually happy together, during this time of year – the heat outside, the heat indoors. So Truly Madly & us decided to step in, and tell you 10 different ways you can beat the heat. Outdoors only. Indoors, we wouldn’t have you any other way.

Book Clubs

This can actually be fun, in an organized pre-ordained way. You’re assigned a book, asked a bunch of questions in prep, and then you discuss it as a group. Also, our favourite part is sounding smarter than our partner; really helps amp the heat indoors. And if it doesn’t, please reevaluate. ATM {A Ta Maison}, hosts regular book clubs, and since they can be strict about members only rules, check out Delhi Book Lovers, who go the extra mile and host events, book signings, releases and author interactions. Couples that read together, also fall asleep together.

Where: Find out more about ATM’s book club here, and more about Delhi Book Lovers here. 

Cocktail Making Classes at Speakeasy

Speakeasy-Cocktails and Dreams holds regular cocktail making workshops with their incredible in-house mixologist. The only disclaimer is, all the sampling may be counter productive to the headline of this article; it may result in heightened levels of body heat, both individually and as a two some. They also offer regular classes. If you’re into this more seriously, just send in an enquiry. Stay updated with when their cocktail sessions are, here. 

Where: Sector 15, Part II Market, Gurgaon; Contact: 9810999086

Wine Tastings with Delhi Wine Club

Several studies have shown, wine in moderation can actually be beneficial for your health, provided you put in some amount of exercise. But the right amount of wine can ensure you do. Win win. So, expect soirees with wine connoisseurs, high flyers, and people looking for fun, all held in one of Delhi’s upscale restaurants, and paired with some great wine and information on it. Makes for top notch people watching, or mingling – whatever your jam. PS: You’ll have to apply for membership first. Their next event is on the 11th of June, with imported wine from Sula Selections.

Where: Download a membership form, here. 

Jam Sessions with Delhi Pencil Jammers

Let us explain. It’s a bunch of devout sketchers – professionals, amateurs and beginners alike – who all come together to draw. If you and your better/other half are looking to hone a current skill, or start from sketch, there’s no better community than theirs. It’s infinitely better than the rigours of a formalized class, so you don’t feel like you’re being schooled, and the environment is supportive, friendly and encouraging. They host regular events, but you can also get in touch with them to join in on smaller, interactive sessions. Draw.

Where: Stay tuned with their events, here. 

Art Appreciation Classes at National Museum Institute

Okay, so this may involve beating the heat on a lot of days, continuously, for five months. Although the commitment is longer, classes are actually held just once a week in the evenings, and think of how NYC it sounds to be like, ‘we have art appreciation class.’ Run by curators, art experts and artists, expect to come away with a better understanding of Indian and global art, including sculptures, paintings, architecture and decorative art. And hey if this relationship fails, you can just act like you were born knowing this stuff for the next one.

Where: Find out more, and how to enroll here. 

Open Mic Nights at Delhi Poetry Slam

If you’re a guy reading this, you’ll have her at poetry, if you’re a girl, tell him Delhi Poetry Slam focusses on performances of the spoken word, so even rap makes the cut. Remember this girl who owned Honey Singh in her open letter to him? Although few and far between, you never know when you’ll discover the next big thing at one of their open mic events. A lot of their events are low-key, intimate gatherings, so no hanky panky. Okay, if you insist. Where should we meet you?

PS: You can also sign up to perform; go ahead, serenade your partner.

Stay tuned with their upcoming events, here. 

Real Life Escape Games at Mystery Room

If you’ve hit the one year plus mark, then think of this game as your relationship. You’re locked in a room, given a bunch of really tough clues with no real indication of what they’re looking for, and you have to be able to find your way out, in a stipulated time frame. Sound easy enough? Should be no problem for you folk. But, like relationships, there’s joy at the end! Not convincing enough? The game is lots of fun, we promise.

Where: B-7/9 Rajouri Garden; Contact: 9999772664

Stay updated with their schedule and choose a game, here. 

Rock Climbing at Delhi Rock

Learn the ropes of their beginners wall, and of each other. Competition and libido aren’t the only things high in this activity, the wall is a force to be reckoned with. Book a session for deux, allow them to strap you in, and knock yourselves out. Remember two things, don’t fall, from the wall or from grace, and real relationships don’t come with a harness. We’ve said our piece. PS: If this is a skill you care to hone, you’ll be interested to know they also organize outdoor excursions, so you can test yourselves.

Where: Basement of Nirmal Sewa, Guru Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar, Uday Shankar Rd, Block E, Chittaranjan

Find out about their classes, fees and other activities on offer, here. 

Swimming without Membership

So, lucky for you, we have a list! Most hotels will require you to sign up for membership, but read on to find out where you can swim without being members. Don’t worry about getting wet, that is how this particular date is supposed to work.

Where: Find our full list, here. 

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