Unless you’ve been traipsing around the city with your eyes shut, you’re sure to have noticed that even the tiniest of spaces have invariably been taken over by Keventers.

Whether this happened overnight or has been a plan in the making for years, no one can be really sure, but one fine day, while driving to office {a distance of merely four kms}, with eyes not too firmly stuck to what lay ahead, I noticed at least four of them pass by; a blur of milkshakes, if you will.

It’s almost like they’re trying to compete in number with the ATMs in the city.

130816_keventers2Gone are the days when one had to brave traffic and crowds to get your hands on a chilled bottle of butterscotch milk at the very first Keventers in CP. While the original one will always have its own charm {ah, the taste of nostalgia}, I think we’re all mighty pleased that our favourite milkshake is now usually within an arm’s distance.

And if you don’t have a favourite here already, you can choose from LBB’s top five go-to shakes when you’re there.

#LBBTip: Steer clear of the Mango one, in case you’re seeking a fresh Alphonso-like taste.

Still haven’t spotted one near you? See the info below to see where all it’s cropped up in the last three months.

PS: It’s also opening in SDA very very soon.

Photos courtesy:Keventers