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Khandani Pakodewala: Head Here For The Perfect Monsoon Snack

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Much like the UPSC chaatwala or the paranthewala at Moolchand, this quaint little shop holds its own when it comes to pakoras. Serving up a variety of the most sought-after monsoon snack since 1962, this place remains unchanged in quality.

Chow Down

Patod Pakora, Bread Pakora

Sip On

Lassi {find it at the shop adjacent to it}

Winning For

The sheer variety of pakoras that they serve, and the speed at which they do it. The shop opens early and is almost always packed. It isn’t the most hygienic option, but that doesn’t matter when you get to experience something so good.

Line Up

The joint has no seating arrangement, but one can choose to sit near the dividing fence or stand next to the counters and eat {most orders are devoured in or on the cars parked near the area}. The area that surrounds the shop isn’t the cleanest, but a worker at the shop constantly keeps wiping and cleaning the area to ensure less of a mess.

Deep Fried Love

It is all about pakoras here, The shop serves nothing else, and has been doing so for a very long time. Apart from the variety, what amazes is how the pakora-maker whips out batches and batches of the deep-fried beauties with ease {it’s a performance in itself}.

The shop serves some 11 variants that include aloo, gobhi, baingan and patod. The classic bread pakora is available too, and everything on their menu is served with a watery green chutney {a perfect match}.

We recommend you try out the patod pakoda, which uses battered colocasia leaves double fried in oil and served hot. The pakora is a mix of crispy and soft, and is a taste that not many are used to. The classic bread pakora and other vegetable variants are worth a try, too.

You can also indulge in some killer lassi {they have a Rooh Afza version too} and dahi bhalla at the shop adjacent to this one. Most people choose to get the pakoras and bhallas packed together, as they make for a stellar combo.

So, We’re Thinking…

If it’s raining and you’re craving for the perfect snack, head here! The joint is bound to impress and the prices are super cheap. Make sure you are loud enough, though, since your voice can be drowned by all the orders being shouted around you. Evenings are a good time to visit!