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    Khoya Is Trying To Give Mithai Its Rightful Place Back In The World

    Navni posted on 28 April


    Khoya is a new luxury mithai brand started by Sid Mathur {of the Impresario group}. They’re doing pretty-as-a-picture boxes of mithai made using organic ingredients.

    Back To The Basics

    Currently, they’ve got about ten things on their menu ranging from the classic Motichoor Laddoo and Kesar Modak to more innovative concoctions such as the Walnut Peda. This one’s a popular pick with regulars- it’s got bits of candied walnut and every bite unveils new textures and tastes.

    They’ve really gone back to unearth old, traditional recipes. The result: Mithai with no additives or colours {their pink motichoor gets its colour from beetroot}, which isn’t as heavy and sugary as what we’ve gotten used to. They’ve tried to stick to the roots as much as possible but every once in a while, you’ll see an Orange Barfi {made with orange zest} or a Belgian chocolate laddoo.

    Anything Else?

    They’re open to customisation at every level – from the mithai flavours to the boxes {they design these according to your requirements but like to keep it minimal and classy}, as long as it’s a big enough order. They’ve tied up with halwais from all over the country and are bringing back methods like shaping the mithai with wood.

    The result is a clean tasting, not-too-heavy sweet which you can devour without worrying about tummy aches later in the day.

    So, We're Saying...

    Give Khoya a call on +91 9810120663 for some traditional, yet new-age mithai.

    Price: Starting at INR 900 for a box of assorted mithai {they take one-two days to deliver}

    Find out more here.


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