Ki Hangla In Gurgaon For Rangpur Masala Chicken And Biryani

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Ki Hangla is a restaurant that serves authentic regional cuisine you’re sure to fall in love with. They excel in the traditional Bengali and Dhakai flavours, transporting you right to the streets of Kolkata and Bangladesh.

Chow Down

Luchi and Rangpur Masala Chicken, Dhakai Chicken Biryani

All their food is simply delicious, and we’d recommend almost everything on the menu. Our favourites include their scrumptious chicken egg roll, Dhakai Chicken Biryani and the chicken aloo curry and luchi for a simple and delicious light meal.

Sip On

Nimbu Soda 

What We Loved

The restaurant might be small, but the effort and passion is clear; they treat each customer as an integral part of this Bengali family.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The interiors of the restaurant are a little dull. Even though they try to make the best of the tiny space, it could certainly do with a little sprucing up.

Best Time To Visit

We always recommend some good during lunch time {plenty of time for a siesta post that}.

Anything Else?

Bengali cuisine is the native cuisine of Bengal with an emphasis on fish, vegetables and rice, and is known for its subtle yet fierce flavours. Dhakai cuisine is pretty much a cousin of Bengali food; served in Bangladesh, it involves a lot of slow cooking of the meat, allowing intense flavours to come through.