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Pick Ki Hangla For Their Mustard-y Bengali Curries

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Ki Hangla has wowed us with its rolls and biryanis, but the real gems on their expansive menu are the range of incredibly mustard-y curries that will keep you warm this winter.

Mustard Love

Comfort food gets a new meaning with a mustard curry and hot steamed rice. At Ki Hangla, this zingy pungent flavour is romanced several ways, and we love them all. Interestingly, the vegetarian section is where you will discover new love.

The Shorshe Begun is an eternal favourite with us, with large squishy chunks of eggplant doused in pure mustard magic. The Aloo Posto, which serves up cubed potatoes in thick poppy seed & mustard gravy is addictive, and can be enjoyed with either rice or hot parathas. And for a bit of a bitter kick, get a portion of Sukto – a fine melange of veggie goodness.

Meat lovers can dial in for one of their classics – while the Mutton Kasha is always stellar {especially when served with light and fluffy luchis}, the Dhakai Methi Chicken is perfect if you want something milder, and don’t mind your meat with some seasonal greens.

Band Bhaja Binging

Pair your hot steaming curries and rice meal with the ultimate side dish of bhajas from the menu. We love the laccha style alu bhaja that adds a delightful crunch to each mouthful, but if you’re in the mood for absolute indulgence, go for the Bhaja Platter- which serves up our favourite fritter in aloo, begun and patal versions.

So We’re Saying…

Enjoy the little nip in the air with a delightful and authentic Bengali meal indoors- complete with the warmth and comfort of magical mustard.