Zero Chemicals: This Brand Does 100% Natural Skin Care Products


With a strong commitment to providing chemical free personal care products to people, Arata is bringing back the goodness of nature for skin and hair care.

Au Naturel All The Way

Arata Zero Chemicals was created to eliminate the addition of any kind of harmful, artificial substance to our skin care. Their products are simple and unfussy, completely plant-based and chemical free. Definitely what you need in a polluted city like ours. If you’ve got sensitive skin, or just want to make a switch to natural products and give your body some TLC, their stuff is ideal. It’s tough to create skincare products that are absolutely chemical-free, but these guys seem to have mastered it. Their products are unisex, so you and your SO can share your toiletries. What we like about their stuff is that it’s simple and targets your skin and hair care needs. Their body wash and shampoo cleanses naturally, using exfoliants like flax seeds, peppermint extract, apricot seed powder and a lot of carefully chosen plant-based extracts that leave your skin looking radiant and feeling healthier. They also have stuff like natural hair cream and hair gel, which nourishes and keeps your hair in place, using vegetable extracts. It’s amazing how they’ve replaced every kind of chemical with a plant extract and gotten the desired effect. It may take some time for your skin and hair to get used to, but it’s so much better in the long run. Your skin and hair will feel so much better through natural cleansing.

So, We're Saying...

Simple products that are hassle-free and made only from natural ingredients, Arata’s products are definitely worth checking out. They’re pretty decently priced too. Check out their stuff here.