These Luxury, Environment-Friendly Sanitary Napkins Need To Be On Your Watchlist


Anyone who cares enough knows how dangerous the usual synthetic pads are for us and for the environment; so, if you’ve been wanting to switch, try Carmesi. It’s India’s first brand of all organic sanitary napkins that can make life so much better {& healthier} for you.

Au Naturel

Regular sanitary napkins available in the market might not be very expensive, but they’re definitely doing a whole lot of damage in the long run. They pile up in landfills, are laden with chemicals and do we seriously want to compromise with something as important as our health?

If you’re aware of all these problems, but don’t know where to start to try and fix them, Carmesi’s sanitary napkins are exactly what you need. Launched in November 2017, Carmesi does all-natural sanitary napkins made with bamboo fibre and corn starch. Be it skin issues or environment issues, these fragrance-free, eco-friendly sanitary napkins take care of everything. Every Carmesi napkin also comes with a ziplock bag, is super soft and comfy, so there’s not a thing that you need to worry about.

To save you a few trips to the local pharmacy and avoid last minute hassles, you can avail Carmesi’s monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

So, We're Saying..

We know that while Carmesi’s sanitary napkins might be a little expensive, it’s money worth spending for everything good, in the long run. Oh, and they ship for free!

Price: INR 349 for a pack of 10 pads {available in both regular and XL sizes}.

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