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Bathe An Elephant, Meet A Tiger & Explore Nature At This Camp


    Kipling camp, situated at the Kanha National Park {Central India} offers the perfect getaway for anyone who is excited by the prospect of being one with nature, the chance to meet a tiger and bathe an elephant.

    Wild Wild Nest

    Kipling Camp feels almost like an alternate universe if you’re going from Delhi. The calmness of the forest will make you forget {temporarily, of course} all those rotten presentations you have to give once you’re back at work. Primarily a tiger reserve, you will definitely be taken out into the wild and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll spot one.

    We would encourage you take family for this vacation for sure. It’s great for children.

    Tara, The Friendly Elephant

    The best part about the camp is their friendly in-house elephant, Tara. She’s been residing there for years and was initially brought to the camp {crossing many hurdles} after being rescued. She’s intelligent and loving and you can go along with her to the river and bathe her in the afternoons {she loves her bathing time}. We assure you, she will never forget you and neither will you.

    Lose Yourself

    This place is ideal for just relaxing and letting all the worries in the world go. You can curl up with a book on one of their many hammocks, head for nature walks with your camera and maybe meet a Mottled Woodowl {a giant flying squirrel} as well. Their pond attracts a bunch of animals looking to quench their thirst, so don’t be too alarmed if you see a deer or a wild boar.

    There are a bunch of activities around the camp too. If you wish to step out to the local village markets, you can pick up some local spices {keep those bargaining skills handy}. The nights are magnificent with  frequent film shows and tribal dances.

    Stay Put

    Their accommodation is super comfy. They have two and four bedroom cottages with a verandah offering views of the camp and the nearby forest. The rooms are temperature controlled for both summer and winter and come with basic amenities. They have private cottages for families and big groups.

    Check out their website for more information and booking details.

    PS: Although the surrounding areas are very safe, you will from time to time be warned about a leopard around the premises.