Rose-Strawberry Cashews Or Chocolate-y English Brittle: We Love This Place's Gourmet Snacks!

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Shahpur Jat’s latest addition, The Kitchen Connect is a gourmet food brand that has something to offer for both the indulgent and the health-conscious and you’ll love their stuff! From Paneer Tikka Masala Cashews to Keto mixes and granola bars, Kitchen Connect’s got the most appetising snacks you can much on, guilt-free.

Snack On

While what we went looking for in Shahpur Jat initially was Cafe 5H By The Kitchen Connect {which is being renovated}, it’s the Kitchen Connect’s gourmet food store that we ended up at and we’re so glad we did!

Having opened just a few weeks ago, The Kitchen Connect is a part of a larger, multi-designer store called Megaan that retails in designer lehngas, footwear, trosseau apparel and of course, wedding favours. While this gourmet food store specialises in gift and wedding boxes, you can always drop by this place to pick up your quota of monthly munchies.

This store has shelves full of yummy goodies like the Chocolatey English Brittle with a crunchy, caramel centre, caramel-dipped almonds, Pudina Cashews, Italian Cheese Cashews, granola baked in honey, chia pumpkin seeds keto mixes and more. They even do special diet cakes, gluten-free snacks, muesli and raw oatmeal cookies that will give you a reason to start eating healthy. Our personal favourites were the Rose & Strawberry Cashews, the dark chocolate bites with walnut, raw cocoa and dates that had zero sugar {but taste heavenly} and the Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies we don’t mind having for lunch, dinner and breakfast, everyday. The Kitchen Connect also does mouth freshener jars with kishmish that has been stored with rose petals and paan for a few days to give you a super refreshing mix you won’t believe could be made with raisins {& we’re not even fond of raisins!}. Trust us, you’ll be impressed by how good this {& everything} tastes.

So, We're Saying..

Going on a diet and not having enough delicious {& healthy} snacking options is a situation we all come across way too often but now that The Kitchen Connect’s making eating healthy easy, maybe those New Year’s resolutions to eat clean will finally become a reality {excusing a few cheat days, obviously}.

They do wedding boxes, gift hampers and are more than happy to send sample boxes, too {for a price}.

We’ll keep you posted about the cafe as well, but judging by its store, we think it’s going to be amazing!

Price: Starting at INR 200 for a 150g jar.