Give Your House A Makeover With These 6 Essentials

    Nikita posted on 23 January

    We love a fresh start, but it’s tough to stay motivated to make big changes when we really just want to stay indoors and nap all the time. So, to make life simpler at home, invest in kitchenware and household items that will ease your life and help you indulge in a mini-hibernation zone. We’re crushing on Tefal’s range of kitchen essentials that have made it easier for us to live an uncomplicated life. Don’t believe us? Start shopping now and try it out for yourself!

    Of Pots And Pans

    Cooking is therapy? Or you’re starting out a new journey to stay fit and avoid eating out {we know about the resolutions}? You will need kitchen gadgets that will help you become the culinary wiz you were born to be. We love the pots and pans by Tefal for the tiny {but very important} details and design, durable Titanium coating, ultra-resistant for intensive cooking, safe, long-lasting and reliable material. Coolest part? It has a patented thermo-spot technology that changes its colour when the pan is ready to cook, ensuring healthy and delicious cooking. Also, it allows you to cook with minimal to no oil. Best fit for those who’re on their own Masterchef journey!

    Iron Out Those Creases

    No matter what you wear and how you style it, if it’s wrinkled, it makes it look shoddy. Nobody likes crumpled shirts and crushed pants. So, gift yourself a powerful steam iron and straighten out those creases if you wish to make a long-lasting impression no matter what the occasion. With scratch-resistant technology, auto-off function for safety and 130 g/min shot of steam, the Easygliss steam Iron from Tefal with Durilium technology, is all you need for a quick, easy and no-burns glide. Get it here!

    Some Oxygen, Please!

    Can’t stop sneezing or finding it hard to breathe? We feel ya! The city we’re living in is no less than a smoking room, and while there’s not much we can do about the outdoors, we can clean the air we inhale indoors and put disinfectants to rest. We found an air purifier that filters up to 99.97% of pollution, and protects you from suffocating in this contaminated air indoors which is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. The super-cool Patented NanoCaptur technology will permanently destroy cancer causing formaldehyde, and make sure you breathe clean. The silent purifier comes in two sizes; one for the bedroom and another for the living room {because every space need its own}… Buy yours here for healthier lifestyle!

    Netflix And Soup?

    Soup is our favourite, winter comfort food and we can never get enough of a bowlful of yum. If you agree with us, this kitchenware is all you need- a Soup Maker! Tefal has a beauty that will cook the best of soups for you, from creamy, hot tomato soup to hot & sour with veggies {or chicken} in it. Best part? With four culinary programs for different types of soup preparations, and the 40-minute keep-warm technology, you will always enjoy a hot meal. Get yours here and have a soup-erb day!

    #LBBTip: Although it’s winter and all we can think about is soup, this multi-functional processor will also serve as a helping hand if you wish to make smoothies and desserts. Now’s the time to try all the recipes you’ve bookmarked online!

    Drink Your Greens

    Smoothies and juices are the best way to get a glassful of nutrients right in the morning. Start your day in a healthy way with a glass of wholesome juice along with your breakfast. Are you always in a rush in the mornings? Skip cutting your fruits and vegetables, and drop them straight into the feeding tube of Tefal’s Easy Fruit juicer and set them to crushing. With a juice carafe built in, you can collect, store and serve the tastiest {and healthiest} juices possible! Buy it here!

    Sweet Paradise

    Here’s something that can make your sugar cravings come to life! The ultimate Kitchen Machine is going to own your kitchen counter and get you compliments for all the decadent desserts you make. Be it in small portions or large, it whisks everything to perfection. Bake cakes, cookies and brownies, or make pie crusts and chocolate mousse cake with Tefal’s multi-functional and effortless machine. Excited much? Buy it here, and get whipping, kneading and mixing!

    #LBBTip: This beauty comes with 11 attachments, which helps you do other tasks including meat-mincing, juicing and many more.

    If you’re crushing on these kitchen essentials as well, we don’t blame you. Make over your house and kitchen with a range of appliances that will bring style and functionality to your nook. Start shopping now to make your kitchen your haven to unwind and relax in, and we promise you, you’ll be on your way to Masterchef in no time!

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