Knick Knack Nook's Edgy & Quirky 'Maal' Nosepin Is Perfect To Step Up Your Instagram Selfie Game

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for trendy nose pins? We know the struggle! FindING your perfect nose pin can be a task, especially when you're looking for a unique design that also shows off your quirky personality! The nose pin trend has been all over Instagram and while everyone seems to be flaunting them, this 'maal' nose pin from Knick Knack Nook is perfect to add an oomph to an everyday look. It's beautifully handcrafted in metal and the best part is - you don't need a piercing to flaunt it!

What's My Pro Tip?

LBB Specials is offering the silver nosepin at a killer price!

Anything Else?

Check out their website here - { for a bunch of fun stuff - everything from jewellery to socks and eyewear!