Kol Kol Baby Carriers To Keep Your Babe Close


New-age ergonomics meet age-old wisdom in Kol Kol Baby Carriers that leave both mums and dads hands-free {and stress-free}

Baby-wearing 101

It may have come into fashion only recently, popularised by celebrity mums who look miraculously more stunning by the minute, but baby-wearing as a phenomenon is quite ancient. It is the most sensible practice handed down from one generation of relieved mothers to another, who found that the simple act of wrapping their littles ones close to their chests left the babies comforted, while allowing mums to perform the many tasks they somehow manage to perform in the course of a day.

Cool Kol

While there are options available for various baby carriers that have moved on from the good old sari method, many of the new-fangled solutions tend to not be easily available in India. More importantly, despite the bells and whistles, there is the question of proper lumbar and spinal support. Ergonomic carriers like Kol Kol mimic the way that our bodies naturally hold babies i.e. supporting those cushy tushes and keeping the baby close enough to kiss. Which is really what those little humans really want.

Bringing baby-wearing back

Necessity is the mother {no pun intended} of invention. Bayiravi and husband decided, quickly after having their son, that they’d very much like to RSVP yes to the many events which kept the fabric of their lives in Gurgaon going, and that shouldn’t necessarily mean leaving their babe behind. Strapped up and all ready to go, they realised the joys of being able to travel through the markets of Thailand, to keep working in spite of erractic sleep needs, to be able to discreetly nurse in public with a few ninja-like manoeuvres that new mums are so apt at, and to share the burden {of the baby’s weight} with your partner, who might be more amenable to wearing a relatively smart look, cleverly designed, properly cushioned carrier than any old dupatta. Thus, Kol Kol was born.

Kol Kol comes in…

Two sizes; the standard size is for newborns up till about age two and the toddler variant {because they still need some loving} is good for children from two till about three and a half. Done in funky Ikat prints and breathable fabric conducive to Indian weather, the Mei Tei model comes with a handy hood too, which is perfect for feeding. A new Ring Sling model launches next week – you heard it here first.

For more information and to order: Click here or check out their Facebook page.

Prices: Ring Sling models will be priced between INR 1,800 and 2,000. The Mei Tei models comes in at INR 3,500. For shipping charges of INR 150, delivery is available through the country.