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Can't Decide Between A Cookie & A Brownie? Get Your Hands On A Brookie At This Dessert Shop

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This quaint kitchen doles out delicious treats in the most unique flavours. Famous for the love child of chewy cookies and indulgent brownies, The Brookie Box is all about marrying new flavours and making them work.

Whisking Us Off Our Feet

They roll the humble flavour of paan into red velvet cookies and braid mirch-masala with puff pastry. The Brookie Box wants to redefine gifting sugar to your honeys. We know your thoughts are with the brookie – this comes in the form of a giant brookie pie with a 6-inch diameter and customisable flavours. You can get rainbow pie, mud cake, salted caramel or tiramisu flavours and more in this godly fusion. A base of chewy cookie is topped with soft, gooey brownie and baked to perfection.

Don’t forget to sample their kulfi cookies – they were a surprisingly delicious discovery!

What We Loved

Constantly innovating, The Brookie Box tries to make their products as healthy as possible. This includes using almond flour and substituting sugar with fruit. In fact, some of their most popular cookies are actually made from oats and dry fruits!

Their dessert boxes let you have the best of everything as they can be filled with goodies ranging from cookies, brookies, cakes in jars to cake pops. The folks at The Brookie Box understand the importance of gifting and they offer additions such as cute and witty cards, customisable flavours and even a bouquet of roses.

So, We're Saying...

These cookies are made-to-order {that way they’re delivered fresh!} so take your pick from options that are definitely out of the {brookie} box.