Doing Things Differently With Kultprit’s Graphic T-Shirts

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Calcutta-based Kultprit makes apparel and accessories for the rebel who believes in self-expression through their outfits. Quirky, fun and energetic, their collection of tees, hoodies, joggers and even wallets are for the young and progressive. They have an online presence from where you can buy these amazing t-shirts from. 

    Started by Olena Klymyuk from Ukraine, who moved to Calcutta after she got married, Kultprit’s clothing is made for millennials. Edgy, stylish and quirky, these are going to be the next new things in your pile of casual clothing. Abstract prints, quirky texts, funky illustrations and great graphics, you’re going to love their stuff. Check out their fairly large collection of T-shirts and vests. They don't have a lot of basic sweatshirts and t-shirts for men, so that's a bummer. But as for the printed ones, we suggest you check them out before we grab them all. Having a messed up day? Slip into their comfy tees to fix your mood. There are a few from the men’s collection that are made for women as well, but honestly, ladies just go shop from the men’s section — comfort clothing FTW! They don't have a section dedicated just for women as of yet but their website does hint at a new collection coming soon. 

    Price: INR 549 upwards 

    What Could Be Better

    If you're not a fan of printed tees, you may be a tad bit disappointed here. 
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