Tangelo's Lactose-Free Ice Cream For Doggies and People

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The much-loved people at Tangelo are extending ice-cream kindness to those who can’t deal with dairy, and shouldn’t deal with sugar.

Equal rights, we say

Ice-cream may seem like a fundamental right. That is, until you look at the marginalised people whose systems do not have the mechanism or enzymes to break down animal-based dairy. And while you may think that dogs have the best life, what their sad eyes can’t tell you is how much they want that sugar-laden ice-cream that is so, so bad for them.

Someone’s got to fight the good fight

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Malhotra, who run their home-based egg-free premium ice-cream service called Tangelo {previously known as P&B}. Champions of everyone’s right to get a good licking of ice-cream, they ventured into the world of soy to completely avoid the milk route. Made with natural fruits and real nuts, they also skip processed sugar by using honey or sugar-free sweeteners. And what about animal rights? Tempting as it may be to give your pup a dollop of ice-cream off your bowl, every psychotic pet parent will tell you just how happy they are with completely sugar-free, cream-free, ice-creams for their little best friends.

The taste test

In the noble attempt to spread happiness to man and beast, we tried the pup-friendly ice-cream, which was essentially bananas mashed with soy milk. If that doesn’t sound like too much fun, maybe your furry friend will dig the chicken and ham flavours? As for the human factor, we tried the soy-based Fresh Strawberry and Figs & Honey, all of which the Malhotras grow themselves or source with finnicky standards; they ensure that the natural flavours of the star ingredient are strong enough that they don’t need to be compensated for with loads of sugar.

Soy, what’s the verdict?

We won’t lie; it’s not the same. But if you’ve had to live your life choosing between having some ice-cream and spending the next few hours in pain, or skilfully avoiding social situations where you’ve got to come face-to-face with your kryptonite, we’re here to tell you: Your dog days are over.

Price: INR 750-1,200 per litre, available in 500 gm packs as well. Delivery above two litres is free within Delhi & Gurgaon; Noida chargeable.