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Introducing Lady Aiko with St+art

    By Namrata Juneja

    In the sphere of artists, street and otherwise, Lady Aiko is a name to reckon with. Born and raised in Tokyo, she has studied both graphic design and filmmaking, which reflects in the way she expresses her perspective. Since her move to New York in the mid 1990's to pursue a masters in fine arts, she has seamlessly fused elements of contemporary American art movements with the Japanese aesthetic that she was brought up with. Today, she is seen as a convener of two cultures, through the universal language of art.

    She started out working under Takashi Murakami, wherein she directed his biography, aptly titled Superflat {which is the moniker used to describe his style} and ran his studio before he catapulted to international fame. She collaborated with Banksy as well, before co-founding FAILE with two other artists to create work for a multitude of spaces.

    AIKO, which when translated means 'love', is her work as an individual. It consists of mixed media - from spray paint to oil bars, to coffee stains even. The works are elaborate, usually based on her observations of the world around her - the beauty of human life, and often sexuality and femininity. The art is depicted on every conceivable surface possible - indoors and outdoors, which provides a whole new dimension to the work she does.

    In her endeavors with St+art Delhi, you can appreciate her visual contribution at the Lodhi Colony block 15 {opposite CMYK}. She will be one of the few artists that will change the landscape of the quiet, serene colony and turn it into a massive open air gallery!