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Let’s Drive Along: Off-Roading In Ludhiana


Getting behind the wheel can be a nerve-wracking experience in India, especially when soil, dirt, obstacles and a whole lot of adrenaline is involved. But if you’re behind the wheel in a Land Rover, the experience is a memorable one. Enter off-roading in Ludhiana, where we tried it all out.

Starting off, we were nervous, skeptical and basically getting our palms sweaty seeing the crater size potholes ahead. But once we started driving, the car started showing us its capabilities, especially in the rough terrain.

What Happened Next?

The 4×4 makes the car effortlessly maneuver across all terrains. With good ground clearance, the stability of this gentle giant had us floored.

The drive was preceded by an in-depth presentation about the controls of the car. This baby comes loaded with an in-built response management system and different modes for sand, snow, rocks etc., making it a perfect drive for any topography.

Should I Go Too?

If you’re the type of person who likes to go beyond a typical test-drive and actually get your hands {or in this case; tires} dirty before forming an opinion, this is the right experience for you. We’ll be remembering our #LandRoverExperience for years to come, so don’t stay far behind and find out more about it today!