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Spend An Epic Weekend In Landour With Our Trusty Guide

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From cosy bakeries to pretty churches, Landour is so much more than just pretty hills all around. If you aren’t familiar with the area and need a guide, we’ll tell you the best possible way to spend a weekend there, and all the places that need to be on your list for a relaxing weekend in the hills.

Where To Eat

Chaar Dukaan

If you’re staying in Landour (or even Mussoorie) you have to come to Chaar Dukaan for breakfast. A row of four tiny shops that have been there forever, they’re famous for their delicious breakfast food (think everything from waffles and pancakes to butter-fried cheese Maggi and bread omelettes). They only do vegetarian food, but their aloo paranthas and bun maska will make you forget about bacon and sausages. Make sure you ask for cards or Ludo while you’re here. There are also plenty of friendly Bhutias (mountain dogs) around who’ll come for belly rubs and leftovers.

Landour Bakehouse

You can’t come to Landour and not visit the iconic bakery here. Stop by this Landour Bakehouse for slabs of lemon cake, freshly-baked chocolate cookies, and delicious apple pie. Sit by their window overlooking the hills, and enjoy your baked goodies with a cup of steaming hot ginger tea or the super tasty French press. Make sure you take some of their stick jaws back for folks at home.

Little Llama Cafe

A relatively new cafe in the market, the Little Llama Cafe is cute, Insta-worthy, and serves delicious food. Once you’ve had your share of coffee and cake, head over here to get some wood-fired pizza and ribs. They also do incredible tea and desserts (we recommend the chamomile tea and the red velvet cake).

Cafe Ivy

Situated opposite Chaar Dukaan, on the cantonment road, Cafe Ivy is set-up like a quintessential pub (minus the liquor) with white, rustic brick walls, wooden chairs, and a cobbled floor. You'll get some of the most gorgeous mountain views from their balcony, so make space in that phone gallery of yours. We recommend getting bowled over with their extraordinary pigs in the blanket, the delish peri-peri chicken wings, and the cheesy pepperoni pizza.

Where To Stay

Rokeby Manor

Stone-walled cottages and cosy fireplaces? Rokeby Manor brings you the classic mountain home, complete with hardwood floors and stunning views from each room. They have a cute little garden, and personal cottages and rooms. Even if you can’t stay here (they’re usually booked over weekends), make sure you try to have at least one meal here. The food is incredible, and they have the nicest interiors with pastel walls and rows of hanging teacups.

Doma's Inn

This Landour property is pet-friendly, they’re Insta-worthy (they have Tibetan-inspired motifs in their rooms) and have great food. Doma’s also shares its wall with Ruskin Bond’s house. They’re a stone’s throw away from Chaar Dukaan, so you can walk up for breakfast. We recommend that you make a booking in advance since they’re usually full.

Ivy Bank Guest House

Ivy Bank Guest House is a simple, yet stunning property. They have a pretty garden, friendly staff, and work out pretty well if you’re looking for a short, budget stay. They’re also close to the market and Landour Bakehouse, so you can get around easily. You also get to hang out with their adorable resident dogs, so that’s an added bonus.

What To Do

Sister's Bazaar

Head to Sister’s Bazaar in Landour if you have some spare time to pick up some little trinkets like Tibetan stone jewellery, souvenirs and post cards for back home, as well as fresh jams and cheese (blueberry jam and cheddar cheese from here, please) from Prakash’s store (they’ve been around since 1928). They also have numerous trails leading to picnic spots around – just ask the locals and they’ll guide you to the best one.

Go Hiking

You can go on and on walking along the winding roads here. The fresh mountain air, stunning views, and nature gives you a fresh burst of energy which you’ll need after the appetite you’ll build up. Landour has multiple hiking trails. If you’re into heavy-duty trekking, make sure you stop by the local market to pick up trekking gear like tents and gumboots. You can head to Lal Tibba (this one’s a bit of a trek), Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, and drive up a bit and then go trekking to Nag Tibba (it’s a little further from the other trails).

Visit St Paul's Church

There’s nothing much to do here, but if you’re someone who appreciates fantastic architecture, this old stone church is a stunner. You can head over here if you just want to enjoy a quiet stroll by yourself. They recently refurbished the church, but its old-world charm remains. It’s located next to the language school, so you can check that out while you’re here.