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#GoHereShopThis: Laptop Bags From The Postbox


    We love The Postbox for its carefully curated collection of home decor products, stationery and accessories. However, if you had to shop one thing and one thing only, we’d like to point you towards their laptop bags.

    A Few Tricks Up Their Sleeves

    A platform for Indian artists and designers to showcase their creations, The Postbox has a small but wonderful collection of laptop bags and sleeves. Having picked up my laptop sleeve a year ago, I can happily report that, in addition to being a pretty accessory, it’s super sturdy.

    They use naturally dyed block printed cotton and pre-washed jute fabric to fashion some of their bags and local design practices {like the use of handwoven ikat fabric}. Plus, considering how affordable their collection is, the purchase was completely worth the money.

    Cover Up

    Available in all shapes and sizes {their backpack-style laptop bags have officially caught our fancy}, we love that the bags, although sophisticated, have some fun detailing about them. Whether you buy The Traditionalist laptop bag and keep things low-key or you shop the more quirky Terracotta Circles sleeve, you’re definitely making a statement.


    Check for interesting one-plus-one deals on their website – The Bread and Butter Laptop Bag is on offer with four Terracotta Glazed Coffee Mugs, which is essentially bound to guarantee efficiency on a Monday morning.

    You can shop for their laptop accessories here.