Laser Cutting In Delhi: An Art Form In The Lanes Of Paharganj

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The lanes of Paharganj are full of magic, and laser cutting beams that slice through acrylic or MDF {wood} to render beautifully-cut typography and designs.

Haven Of Exotic

We’ve come to associate Paharganj with a lot of things. We’ve known it to be the home of leather shoes, and as a spot for some of the best street shopping. We recently discovered that a terrific amount of modern art was being created here: Laser cutting. And these are products which end up either in hotels, studios, art galleries or interior designing stores.

The Hows And Where’s

Laser engravers and cutters have completely transformed signage and hoardings. Designing intricately on plastic and wooden sheets has given us modern furniture, facades or even name plates.

This is how it works: You take your Corel Draw or Illustrator file and feed it into the machine that drives the laser. The high-intensity beam cuts through the material to produce the shape as per your design.

You can also have designing and lettering engraved or etched into the material, which is a tad bit more expensive, but only because it takes longer. We can tell you from experience that the output is worth it. Moreover, this is a method used by many start-ups to add pizzaz to their visual identity, since laser can cut through leather, paper or even fabric {think pretty business cards or leather designing}.

What Else?

You can buy acrylic in sheets {8ft x 4ft}, but it is also measured and sold by metre. Paharganj has two or three lanes full of laser solutions, as well as spots for buying raw material, if you ask around.

This is one of the best places to get intricate and neatly finished products.

Price: 300 per hour {cost of material not inclusive}

Contact: +91 9811428212 {ask for Hemant}