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    Hate Laundry? This Service Works With 5-Star Hotels To Launder And Dry-Clean Your Clothes!

    Aditi posted on 11 June


    Time to get rid of that chairdrobe now! Launderette not only offers a convenient and efficient service but also works with 5 star hotels in the city to cater to all your launder needs, starting at INR 150/kg. What’s more? They offer a free pickup and delivery and have a next day delivery option too.

    5-Star Hotel Cleaning Service

    That’s right! Launderette will pick up your clothes and other laundry, work with 5-star hotel partners to clean them and deliver them to your doorstep within just two days. All you gotta do is schedule a pick-up via their app or their website and the Launderette valet will stop by sometime between 8am and 10pm on your scheduled pick-up date. Not just that, you will also receive real-time confirmation messages of when your clothes will be delivered.

    What All Do They Offer?

    From dry cleaning, washing and ironing, washing and folding and steam ironing to even repairing broken buttons for free, Launderette is an easy way to ensure that your wardrobe is in good shape at all times.

    Need that black dress for impromptu party plans? No worries, you can also opt for next day delivery (express delivery) for all services. Oh, and when the dress comes back, it’ll be free of pesky stains of tea, coffee, wine and food. Now tell us, isn’t Launderette just the service you wanted? 

    So, We're Saying...

    No need to bear the burden of dirty laundry, let the experts take care of it for you.

    Launderette offers services starting at just INR 150/kg with a minimum order of 3kgs including free pickup and delivery. They also have a 30% discount running on their app (use code LBB30).

    Visit their website to know all about their services and download their app.

    Follow Launderette on Facebook, Twitter and Insta to stay updated with their services and offers!

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