The LBB App Just Got Better!

Editors posted on 20 September

The LBB tech team just waved their geeky wands and produced an app update so cool, we just had to run over here and tell you all about it. We’re really excited to show you all the new features and we hope you are, too. Here we go!

Now You Can Discover Nearby Places With LBB!

The new ‘around you’ feature lets you look for all the places, events, and interesting recos nearby. Thai food craving just kicked in? Gotta find the cheapest beer bucket offers for the squad? Need to find a reasonably priced spa for a relaxing massage? You’ll find all the awesome nearby with the LBB app.

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Search JUST What You’re Looking For

Search for undiscovered weekend getaways, hidden antique handicraft vendors, pet-friendly cafes to pamper your pupper, and so much more. The new LBB search helps you find secret gems in the city you didn’t know you’d fall in love with. From upcoming music festivals to chocolate making workshops, we’ve got it all!

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Found Something Awesome In Your City? Post It On LBB!

Want to share your awesome finds with 2 million people who will read, like, and save what you write? LBB is your pedestal and your recos are your speech! Found an Insta-worthy cafe? A tailor who makes Kimonos? An underrated local rock band? Recommend it all on the app and build a loyal follower base. LBB has over 3000 avid contributors, so hit that ‘post’ button and start recommending your favourites on Android here and  iOS here.

Make Your Profile And Save What You Like!

Discovering your city has never been easier! Sign up with Facebook or email, choose your interests, and start finding awesome recos right from the get-go. ‘Like’ interesting recos to show some love and ‘Save’ them for future reference {you’ll find them all in one place}. Don’t forget to add a kickass bio and share your profile with your friends! Here’s the awesome update for Android and iOS!

Follow Curators Of Awesome

Over 3000 content curators bring to you the most unique places, exciting events, and never before seen or experienced recommendations on the LBB app. Follow them to discover, visit, and engage with your city and get your daily dose of awesome on Android and iOS!

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